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Investigating Cognitive Impairment in Young Patients With Cancer Prospectively

Last Update Posted : 2023-05-03

The aim of the trial

  • This trial will investigate the brain function of children, adolescents and young adults during and after chemotherapy treatment. It will test cognitive skills such as memory and attention, the brain's electrical activity and involve blood tests for markers related to brain function. People who take part in this trial will be assessed throughout their treatment journey. Understanding how chemotherapy affects the brain in younger people can help to inform research and support. People with osteosarcoma can take part in this trial.
Trial Type
Trial Phase
Trial Status
Minimum age
7 Years
Maximum age
29 Years
Key Contact
Lisa L Hjalgrim, PhD, MD, Barbara Nordhjem,+4535450962, +4535457998,,,
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Key Information

  • Everyone who takes part in this study will have their brain function assessed. They will be compared with someone of a similar age who does not have cancer.

How the treatment works

  • No new treatment is given as part of this trial.
  • Visit our drugs and interventions page to find out more about this treatment, including how it works and what it’s used for.

Who is the trial for?

  • The below points are a summary of who can enter the trial.
  • People who have been newly diagnosed with a cancer and will undergo chemotherapy at University Hospital Copenhagen, Rigshospitalet.

Who is the trial not for?

  • The below points are a summary of who can’t enter the trial.
  • People who can’t speak and understand Danish
  • People with severe intellectual disability or mental health disorders that may affect participation.
  • People with cancer that has spread to the brain.
  • People who have had a previous chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment.


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