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Donor Site Morbidity After Free Vascularized Fibular Graft

Last Update Posted : 2024-03-22

The aim of the trial

  • This study was carried out at Assiut University to Asses the long-term donor site morbidity following free vascularized fibular transfer because there is a limited information regarding the long-term donor morbidity of this type of flap.
Trial Type
Trial Phase
Trial Status
Minimum age
18 Years
Maximum age
Key Contact
-Hedra Rafat Ishak, 00201069557727,,
Clinical Trial ID

Key Information

  • -

How the treatment works

  • X rays for ankle to see distal fibular remenant
  • Visit our drugs and interventions page to find out more about this treatment, including how it works and what it’s used for.

Who is the trial for?

  • Patients done FVFG for reconstruction of bone defect other than lower limb bone defect.
  • surgery done >2yrs
  • Patient age > 18 yrs old

Who is the trial not for?

  • Patient age < 18 Surgery done< 2yrs FVFG for reconstruction of lower limb bone defct Amputated other leg : Above Ankle Amputaion Double FVFG Fracture of the other leg side : Fracture Tibia, Fibula, Ankle Paraplegic patients


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