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Below you’ll find various guides and suggestions to help you navigate your cancer journey.

What is Osteosarcoma?

Welcome to the Osteosarcoma Toolkit. Here you will find information on what osteosarcoma is and how it is diagnosed and treated.

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Asking for a second opinion

Getting a diagnosis of osteosarcoma can be overwhelming and often you will be given a lot of information to digest. It is understandable to want a second opinion especially if treatment options are limited. Having your case reviewed by a second doctor may provide new insight on treatment options, especially in more complex conditions such as osteosarcoma.

This resource provides information to help you decide whether to seek a second opinion and how to go about it.

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How to access patient records

In most countries it is your right to access your medical records. This page provides a general overview of why you may want your medical records and how you can request them.

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Scan Guide

There are multiple different types of scans that are used to view different things. Here we explain the common scans you may have during your cancer journey.

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Being diagnosed with cancer can feel like having to learn a whole new language.  Here you can find definitions for words your doctor is likely to use. 

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“I have met many sarcoma patients and their families over the past 4 years. Nothing provides more motivation to work towards developing better and kinder treatments.”

Tyler Barr, University of Leeds

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