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We are delighted to launch our new improved Osteosarcoma Now Trial EXplorer (ONTEX).

ONTEX is an international database that aims to make clinical trial information available and accessible to all. Each osteosarcoma clinical trial has been summarised to give a clear picture of its aims, what it involves and who can take part. It also includes the results of past trials so you can stay informed with current research.

The first phase of the database was launched in June. Since then, we have been collecting feedback from patients so that we could continue to improve it. The interface has now been streamlined so that you can more easily search for clinical trials. It also has been named ONTEX.

We understand that clinical trials can be confusing. Our clinical trial toolkit is there to support your search. It includes answers to questions about clinical trials and tips for preparing for appointments.

ONTEX would not have been possible without the input of patients, clinicians and advocates. We want to send a heartfelt thank you to all who got involved. We hope that ONTEX will support patients and their families to find information about clinical trials.  

Search ONTEX now.

If you have any questions or comments about ONTEX please email us at