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The first ever global survey for bone cancer patients and carers has been launched. The aim of the survey is to understand the patient experience and advance research into bone cancer. It was created by parents and patients as part of FOSTER (Fighting OSteosarcoma Through European Research). FOSTER is a new osteosarcoma (OS) group.  With 265 members across 19 European countries, it aims to improve outcomes for patients with OS.

From the start, patient advocates have been involved with FOSTER. Their input provides valuable insights into OS and the areas of research that should be prioritised. However, the patient advocates do not want patient input to be limited to those within FOSTER. They have created a survey where bone cancer patients can share their experiences and highlight what is important to them. The results of this survey will help to identify the needs of the community and direct bone cancer research.

The survey is open to all bone cancer patients, survivors and carers. It is available in several languages. More details can be found on the Sarcoma Patients EuroNet website.

Complete the survey now.

To find out more about FOSTER read our blog post, where we discuss the first in-person FOSTER meeting.