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Osteosarcoma Now aims to inform, empower and connect the osteosarcoma community worldwide.


Osteosarcoma Now was developed with the sole purpose of supporting osteosarcoma patients and their families throughout their cancer journey, wherever they live in the world. Through providing clear signposting, user-friendly interfaces and sharing the science in an accessible way we hope we can make a challenging time a little bit easier. Our curated clinical trial database was designed so that patients have the tools and information to explore new treatment options and make decisions that are right for them.

We strongly believe that collaboration should be at the forefront of everything we do. We want connect patients, researchers, clinicians and sarcoma charities worldwide to share ideas, advance research and together improve outcomes for those diagnosed with osteosarcoma.

Advocacy and information

Being diagnosed with osteosarcoma can be overwhelming and we know that talking to doctors can feel like having to learn a whole new language. Our resources are here to help you navigate the medical world with confidence and keep you up to date with scientific research and clinical trial opportunities.


Osteosarcoma Now is managed by the Myrovlytis Trust a Medical Research Charity dedicated to rare diseases. At the Myrovlytis Trust, we fund research to rapidly bring novel and effective therapies from the laboratory to the clinic to improve the outcomes for those living with osteosarcoma and other rare conditions. 

If you are a researcher with a focus on translational research into osteosarcoma, we are keen to hear from you. Email us at

“For me to be able to develop a drug that helps people with osteosarcoma is really a tribute to my daughter's friend.”

Professor Nancy DeMore, Medical University of South Carolina

After treatment for #Osteosarcoma Charlene became a #CancerCoach for us & now runs groups for people who have completed #Cancer treatment. Charlene explores techniques to help them in their recovery. Listen to her simple but effective breathing exercise

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