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A clinical trial in the USA is recruiting patients with osteosarcoma and other cancers to test a new drug complex called GD2 SADA: 177 Lu DOTA. This drug uses a new technology where it can disassemble and reassemble itself. By changing the way it’s constructed it can change how it behaves in the body. The researchers hope that this drug complex will be better at targeting cancer cells and have fewer off-target effects compared with other similar drugs.

This trial is being held at multiple cancer centres in the USA. We spoke to paediatric oncologist Dr Emily Slotkin, who is leading the trial at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer centre.

Watch the interview below or read the transcript.

If you are interested to find out more about the drug complex, Y-mAbs Therapeutics, the biotech company who are sponsoring the trial, have an animated video that shows how it works.

Who can take part in the trial?

This trial is currently recruiting people with osteosarcoma. Clinical trials have very specific criteria for who can take part. You can find out more about who can take part in our clinical trial explorer (ONTEX). You should always talk to your doctor about clinical trials, as they will know your case best and be able to advise if a trial may be suitable.

Please note that this trial is based in the USA. Different countries have different healthcare systems, so it is not always possible to access a trial in another country. This is something that can be discussed with your doctor and the trial team.

For more information about clinical trials visit our clinical trial toolkit. Here you can find information about clinical trials including commonly asked questions.

We would like to thank Dr Slotkin for taking part in the interview and her dedication to research into finding new treatments for osteosarcoma.