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Summarising clinical trials

           Navigating osteosarcoma

Sharing the latest research 

Signposting to support 

                         Highlighting events 

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Search the Osteosarcoma Now Clinical Trial Explorer 

We strongly believe that wherever you live in the world information about clinical trials should be available to you. Our curated clinical trial database (ONTEX) summarises trials from across the globe to make your search easier. It includes key information about the trial, treatment and contact information.

We also have resources to help you better understand clinical trials. 


Clinical Trials

Patient Toolkit


Here you can find out about osteosarcoma events across the world including conferences, awareness days, podcasts and more.

Support Groups

There are so many wonderful organisations dedicated to supporting the osteosarcoma community. Search our interactive map for information about organisations near you.

Find out about the research we fund into osteosarcoma

Targeting the RB Pathway in Osteosarcoma.

A study has identified a new possible drug target to treat osteosarcoma. The research is in its early stages but it shows that our understanding of osteosarcoma is increasing.

Join our Patient Advisory Board

Applications are now open to join our patient advisory board. We are looking for 6 members of the osteosarcoma community to join our board and help direct our charity’s work.

Could P2 Receptors Be Targets For Primary Bone Cancer Therapy?

Primary bone cancer (PBC) is a group of cancers that includes osteosarcoma (OS). Other cancers in this group are Ewing’s sarcoma, chondrosarcoma and chordoma. There have been few advances in the treatment of PBC for the past 40 years. This means there is an urgent...

Targeting Cancer Survival Mechanisms

A recent study explored a potential treatment called APR-246 in hard-to-treat cancers containing specific genetic mutations.

Osteosarcoma Research at Sarcoma UK

This week Kate Quillin, Research Officer at Sarcoma UK, took over our blog. Sarcoma UK fund vital research, offer support and campaign for better treatments.

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Understanding How Osteosarcoma Spreads

Understanding how osteosarcoma spreads could help future treatment strategies. Last year, a paper was published identifying a role for a protein called P2RX7B in promoting growth and spread of osteosarcoma.

ICONIC: A Recruiting Osteosarcoma Trial

Dr Strauss is one of the UK’s leading researchers in osteosarcoma and is leading the ICONIC trial. We were delighted to interview her about the importance of the study, how to get involved and the results so far.

Highlights from the MIB Agents FACTOR Conference

We attended the MIB Agents FACTOR conference. The osteosarcoma community joined forces for an inspirational cause – to make things better.

What We Can Learn from Recent Osteosarcoma Clinical Trials

Two trials have been published looking at new treatments in osteosarcoma. Although the drugs were not effective there is a lot that can be learned from them.

“For me to be able to develop a drug that helps people with osteosarcoma is really a tribute to my daughter's friend.”

Professor Nancy DeMore, Medical University of South Carolina

A recent study from @UofCalifornia has identified a new possible drug target to treat #osteosarcoma with RB1 mutations. Although the research is in its early stages it shows that our understanding of osteosarcoma is increasing.

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