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Summarising clinical trials

           Navigating osteosarcoma

Sharing the latest research 

Signposting to support 

                         Highlighting events 

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Search the Osteosarcoma Now Clinical Trial Explorer

We strongly believe that wherever you live in the world information about clinical trials should be available to you. Our curated clinical trial database (ONTEX) summarises trials from across the globe to make your search easier. It includes key information about the trial, treatment and contact information.

We also have resources to help you better understand clinical trials. 


Clinical Trials

Patient Toolkit


Here you can find out about osteosarcoma events across the world including conferences, awareness days, podcasts and more.

Support Groups

There are so many wonderful organisations dedicated to supporting the osteosarcoma community. Search our interactive map for information about organisations near you.

Find out about the research we fund into osteosarcoma

CTOS Annual Meeting – The Highlights

We attended the 2022 CTOS annual meeting. The meeting brought together clinicians, researchers and patient advocates dedicated to improving outcomes in sarcoma.

Metal vs Carbon-Fibre Implants in Bone Cancer Surgery

Surgeons may remove bone containing osteosarcoma and replace it with a metal implant. A study looked at whether carbon-fibre could be an alternative to metal.

Testing Existing Drugs in Osteosarcoma Models

There is an urgent need to find new therapies in osteosarcoma (OS) that has spread or has not responded to standard treatment. Identifying new treatments can be a long and complex process. One method of speeding up the process is to use drugs that already approved to...

Using 3D Bioprinting to Study Osteosarcoma

There is a great need to develop new treatments for osteosarcoma (OS). This is particularly true for OS that has spread or has not responded to current standard therapy. Researchers are actively working towards finding new drugs to treat OS. To enable the drug...

Help Direct Bone Cancer Research

The first ever global survey for bone cancer patients and carers has been launched. The aim of the survey is to advance research into bone cancer.

3D Printing in Bone Cancer Surgery

Surgeons are developing new techniques to aid them in removing bone cancer. One of these techniques is printing personalised 3D models of tumours to guide the surgery.

Fighting Osteosarcoma Through Research Together

This October clinicians, researchers and patient advocates from across Europe came together for the first in-person FOSTER (Fighting OSteosarcoma Through European Research) meeting. The event was held over two days at the Gustave Roussy Cancer Research hospital in...

Immuno UK Conference Report

In September 2022, we attended the Immuno UK conference. Held over 2 days in London, UK, this conference brought together over 260 people from industry and academic research. We heard the latest updates in the field of “immune oncology”. This can be described as...

Bone Sarcoma Peer Support – Connecting Patients

Being diagnosed with cancer can feel isolating. Bone Sarcoma Peer Support is a charity dedicated to connecting patients with shared experiences of bone cancer.

Targeting the RB Pathway in Osteosarcoma.

A study has identified a new possible drug target to treat osteosarcoma. The research is in its early stages but it shows that our understanding of osteosarcoma is increasing.

It’s that connection between the patient and the team and myself and also the interplay between looking after a teenager and their parents and the rest of the family I found really rewarding

Dr Sandra StraussUCL

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