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Summarising clinical trials

           Navigating osteosarcoma

Sharing the latest research 

Signposting to support 

                         Highlighting events 

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We strongly believe that wherever you live in the world information about clinical trials should be available to you. Our curated clinical trial database (ONTEX) summarises trials from across the globe to make your search easier.

We also have resources to help you better understand clinical trials.


Clinical Trials

Patient Toolkit


Being diagnosed with osteosarcoma can feel like having to learn a whole new language.  Here you can find definitions for words your doctor is likely to use.

Support Groups

There are so many wonderful organisations dedicated to supporting the osteosarcoma community. Search our interactive map for information about organisations near you.

Find out about the research we fund into osteosarcoma

The British Sarcoma Group Conference Highlights 2023

The British Sarcoma Group (BSG) annual conference took place on March 22nd – 23rd 2023 in Newport, Wales. We were delighted to attend as an exhibitor to promote our Osteosarcoma Now Trial Explorer (ONTEX) and our 2023 grant funding round. It was also inspiring to hear...

A Promising New Bone Cancer Drug

Researchers have developed a new drug that works against bone cancer. The drug, called CADD522, has shown promising results in the laboratory.

A New Clinical Trial Testing a Drug that can Disassemble Itself – Interview with Dr Emily Slotkin

A clinical trial in the USA is recruiting patients with osteosarcoma and other cancers to test a new drug complex called GD2 SADA: 177 Lu DOTA. This drug uses a new technology where it can disassemble and reassemble itself. By changing the way it’s constructed it can...

The REGBONE Clinical Trial – Interview with Professor Anna Raciborska

A clinical trial has opened in Poland that will test whether regorafenib can be used to treat bone cancers. We interviewed trial lead Professor Raciborsk.

A Close Look at the Immune Cells in Osteosarcoma

A recent study looked at immune cells in osteosarcoma . The aim was to provide insight into the immune landscape and potentially shed some light on how it could be targeted by drugs.

A Drug Repurposing Clinical Trial

Dr. Matteo Trucco has launched a sarcoma clinical trial. It aims to see if disulfiram could be repurposed to be used in sarcoma treatment.  

Harnessing the Immune System against Osteosarcoma

In the last 30 years there has been very little change to osteosarcoma (OS) treatment. We are dedicated to changing this. Through the Myrovlytis Trust, we fund research into OS, with a focus on finding new treatments. We are pleased to announce we have awarded funding...

ONTEX Toolkit – Spread the Word

Welcome to the ONTEX social media toolkit. We are delighted to have launched our new improved Osteosarcoma Now Trial EXplorer (ONTEX). Each osteosarcoma clinical trial has been summarised to give a clear picture of its aims, what it involves and who can take part. Its...

Introducing the Osteosarcoma Now Trial EXplorer (ONTEX)

We are delighted to launch our new improved Osteosarcoma Now Trial EXplorer (ONTEX). ONTEX is an international database that aims to make clinical trial information available and accessible to all. Each osteosarcoma clinical trial has been summarised to give a clear...

Osteosarcoma Now – Highlights of 2022

Our work in osteosarcoma started in 2021, with many months dedicated to talking with experts, patients and other charities. In this blog we reflect on what we achieved in 2022.

It’s that connection between the patient and the team and myself and also the interplay between looking after a teenager and their parents and the rest of the family I found really rewarding

Dr Sandra StraussUCL

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